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Look at the website very closely for clues. These scammers are stealing pictures from other websites and adding their own descriptions under them. This is why we mark all our original pictures with our cattery name and if this was removed using photoshop or any other program the difference will be noticeable.
Ask to see more photos of the same kitten from different angles. Ask to see a picture of the same kitten when it was a few weeks younger. Can the breeder produce them? Parents pictures of your kittens should be on the web site, if this is real cattery and not scammers, with names, titles, parents, testing, etc.


=Vaccination...Your kitten will be vaccinated according to the veterinarian protocol based on the age of your kitten.
= Kitten starting kit...Starting kid include your contract, signed by the breeder, brochure with food and care recommendations, vaccination passport,disk with litter pictures by request, samples of dry and can food which your kitten get used to, toys and blanket. You need to have with you large pet carrier.
=Shipping... We do ship kittens and prefer nonstop flights. Shipping includes charges for carrier, vet certificate and transportation. Most of the time we are using Alaska Airlines. Kitten leaves cattery when balance with shipping cost is received.

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In order to receive the best and fast answer on your inquiry please, write few words about your household situation and gender/color preferences.
We are as busy as you are and, most likely, even more with taking care about our breeding stock cats and kittens, so, we would not consider inquiries with only one question -how much our kittens cost and they will remain unanswered.
We are in the middle range with high quality animals and each our baby is precious for us. So, please, save some time for us and yourself - think what exactly you would like to know, create exact questions and specify what kitten you want to inquiry about. Prices may vary. If you do not see what you are looking for on the web site, please, let us know what you have in mind.
Your information will be gratefully appreciated.
Please, check your junk folder if you did not see any response from us.

Sincerely, British Dynasty cattery team